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You have found a company that prides itself on doing things properly. The result is a range that is genuinely made by hand to ensure that the taste, texture and appearance is far superior to mass produced products. This is achieved by providing our small team of skilled bakers with only the very finest ingredients. We also bake to order, ensuring that our customers receive their orders as fresh as possible.

Welcome to a family bakery that is also a baking dynasty (but more of that in "About Us").

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The problem with a shortbread website is that it doesn't taste as good as shortbread. We have a place you can remedy that. 



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Looking for catering products? We’ve made a page just to cater to your needs.

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Great Taste Awards

We don’t make shortbread to win prizes. But it seems we just can’t help it. So far we’ve won over 100 Great Taste awards. 

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Christmas Range

New Christmas Range Launched

We are very excited to introduce our new Christmas range. The artist Carrie May has created all of the illustrations which include a strutting wild turkey, partridges and some magnificent peacocks.

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“I'd given little thought to shortbread in its every form, shrugging it off as just another oversweet biscuit. But then I tried Shortbread House. And dear God, I'm converted for life. Rich, deeply buttery and wonderfully crumbly, they've won endless Great Taste awards. Handmade in the old-fashioned way too. Simply magnificent.”

Tom Parker Bowles

“What a joy to eat proper shortbread. Well done. Keep baking! Just had to let you know you are doing it right!”

Jonny Corrick, Rou Venae, France

“I would like to congratulate you on your superb biscuits. They really are the finest I have ever purchased. We were amazed at how good they were. The quality is fantastic, the taste is simply heaven and the value is first class.”

Mrs M Kelsall, Stoke-on-Trent